Parents' Pride


- A lifetime of benefits

An Enrichment program for ages 4 – 11 in Richmond, VA

- Identify and fix missing skills with personalized instruction

- Challenge and accelerate students to a higher aptitude


Parents’ Pride is an educational program focused on math, logic, and critical thinking for ages 4 - 11. The program leverages a child’s natural curiosity in exploring critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our focus is on building a strong foundation and helping a child solve problems with confidence.

Math skills interconnect like building blocks. Therefore it is paramount that the foundation is not just okay but a 100 per cent. Would you sail on a ship with even a few holes? Would you live in a building where the foundation has gaps? Similarly, gaps in math at an early age may lead to a failure to grasp advanced concepts. Sal khan of Khan Academy has explained this articulately in his video.

Students struggling in math during elementary years lack motivation in learning anything related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our approach has a solution.

We evaluate the child's Math proficiency and establish a baseline. This helps us tailor the curriculum to address any gaps at the current level and build proficiency.

Parents Pride

Critical Thinking Program

think outside the box

Students' problem solving skills are strengthened through various activities that encourage them to:

  1. Organize, infer, and analyze information.
  2. Reflect upon their thinking and explain how they arrived at a solution.
  3. In a multi-step problem, think logically and reason.
  4. Brainstorm different strategies for solving a problem.
  5. Support visual/spatial thinking.
  6. Identify patterns and complete them.
  7. Understand rules and relationships to solve analogies.

Connect Math to Real Life

Our aim is to teach students to overcome their fears and hesitation and realize the importance of math at an early age. We will work on projects that help them link math to various real life applications.


Building and construction

Understanding of 2-D and 3-D figures, perimeters, surface areas, estimation, accurately measuring lengths, widths, angles and accuracy in calculations would be a great resource for a future architect.


Grocery shopping

This requires a broad range of math knowledge from basic functions like counting money, addition and subtraction, multiplication to estimation and percentages.


Cooking and Baking

Measuring ingredients, multiplying / dividing fractions using our understanding of ratio and proportions. Converting a recipe from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or from metric (mL) to US standard units.



Medical professionals use math when drawing up statistical graphs of epidemics or success rates of treatments.


Financial Planning

Students will use their knowledge of exponents to see the power of compounding later in high school.



Scale up and down in Manufacturing using concepts of proportional thinking.


We at Parents' Pride
  1. Simplify concepts
  2. Enforce repetition – builds familiarity, enables effortless application.
  3. Aim for mastery as math builds on itself.
  4. Use comprehensive worksheets that have visual models that help children understand things quickly.
  5. Focus on mental math so as to be confident in applying math in everyday life. Math facts should be remembered and recalled easily – addition, subtraction and multiplication.
  6. Map Student progress with timely reviews.
  7. Reward point system to motivate kids.
  8. Create curiosity & confidence
  9. Tailor the content for every individual
  10. Emphasis on problem solving
  11. Provide students with connections to real world while teaching concepts

Accomplishments of our past Students

After 4 years of Parents pride program, a fourth grader was accepted into the Early Bird Math program (an accelerated program offered by Henrico county that covers 5th, 6th and 7th grade math in one year) in 2013. She currently attends the elite magnet school in Henrico County.

Currently a ninth grader who is passionate about math started his journey with Parents Pride when he was 6 years old. He worked on comprehensive worksheets for almost five years and developed a deep love for math. His strong foundation got him into Early Bird Math program at Henrico, pursued higher level courses and exceled in competitions like AMC, represented their state at the National Math counts competition in 7th and 8th grade.

Currently a sixth grader on an early bird path too. He loves to do mental math and takes pride in the fact that it’s his favorite subject.

Many other kids are currently attending accelerated programs at Henrico and other places.


Here's what our proud parents have been saying about us! Contact us if you would like to speak directly with any of these happy parents


I am a parent of two girls, one in middle school and the other in elementary school. Even though students can be at different math levels, in Parent's Pride, the teachers will assess each child and give personalized study materials to the student. Therefore, no one can feel frustrated or unable to follow. Sometimes, the teachers were often willing to stay after the lesson is finished to clarify any ambiguity a student might have! I never thought that my girls will be excited to go to math class, but they do! They felt interested, challenged and even entertained with some math games at the end of the lesson!I highly recommend Parents' Pride to students who would like to have a solid math foundation, which will enable them to thrive later on.

Claudia B


How great to find this program - allowing "Math Kid" a way to play together in the afternoons instead of watching TV, my child looks forward to going to these sessions

Christina S


I love the rational approach to math that you take. I wish I'd put my son earlier.

Juhi A


First and foremost, the teachers really know how to get the kids excited about learning math. They use worksheets to teach the fundamental concepts, but then they move on to playing games and doing simulations of using math in everyday living. Second, they work individually with each child in a class of 6 or so children. Because of the small class size, they can challenge each child in a way that is not feasible in a school classroom.

Shailaja M


My daughter has done very well and really grasped the math concepts. She needed easier work at times to allow her to regroup. When the work got too hard, she wouldn’t want to come to class. When she could take a break she was happy and ready to tackle the harder concepts. She is doing math her sister did not learn until 1st grade…. and she gets it. She’s only in Pre K!! Great class. Love the set-up, individual attention. Just wonderful and so engaging. She loves the daily points and the 100 point trip to the treasure chest!

Susan S


My child has not been attending the math class very long; however, I can see that he is already thinking about “Fact Families” differently which has helped him solve problems more quickly and with more confidence.

Dianne W


My daughter is excited to go the program each week. Public schools- even these blue Ribbon schools in Virginia do not teach addition, subtraction and other concepts so early enough whereas our private Kindergarten program did. Moving to public education, we realized we needed to augment our children’s education and Parents Pride provided just what we were seeking, without the high cost of a private school.

Michelle D

Our Story

this is our story

The roots of Parents Pride go back to 2008 when two friends – Sarika and Divya, teamed up to create this unique Program for early childhood education.

Sarika holds an undergraduate degree in Economics Honors and Masters in Business Administration. She worked as a media and advertising professional for a couple of years and then later became interested in Early Education. She is passionate about Math and has simplified math concepts to over 50 elementary - public, private and Montessori school students.

Divya completed her undergraduate in computer engineering and worked for an Internet startup for several years. In 2008, she shifted her career focus to childhood education. After relocating from Richmond in 2014, she has continued working in the elementary school system.

In addition to sharing a common interest in early education, both friends had younger children of the same age and were searching for enrichment opportunities for their own kids. They soon realized that they weren’t any programs that provided engaging content to stimulate the young minds. This gave them the impetus to start a program on their own. Both friends did extensive research and consulted experts to incorporate the best practices in Math coaching from around the world. In summer of 2008, they launched Parents Pride with a cohort of students ages 3 to 10 including their own kids. They were delighted with the success of the program measured by the impact on the kid’s education trajectory and the positive feedback from the parents and their teachers.